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The Journey is a software app that enables patients to track vital signs in pregnancy and transmits this information to providers in real time.

Benefits include: increasing patients' engagement in their own care, increasing communication between patients and providers, and providing notifications when health trends are out of range.

A safe pregnancy starts with more precise data.

Blood Pressure mmHG 132/81 Heart Rate bpm 65 Temperature 98.9º Blood Pressure mmHG 116/98 Fetal Movements Times 3 Weight lb 158 Glucose Level mg/dL 91 Feb 4 Glucose Level mg/dL 87 Yesterday Temperature 99.4º Today 19:45 Blood Pressure mmHg 119/81 Heart Rate bpm 65 30 min ago Just now
It only takes a few minutes a day to keep your Journey up to date. You can keep track of daily vitals, symptoms, and maintain a helpful resource for yourself and your provider.
The Journey makes up a complete history of your pregnancy, which can be shared confidentially and safely with your care provider. This enables your provider to react faster and be more informed.

How it works

Download The Journey. In just a few minutes per day, log your health information to track your pregnancy from your positive pregnancy test through your postpartum recovery.

Health tracking

Easily Log Your Health Info

Empower your pregnancy journey by tracking your weight, blood pressure and other health information daily.

Health tracking

Track Your Trends

Graphic visualizations help you understand your progress and communicate trends to your healthcare provider.

track blood pressure
Photo albums

Document Your Growth

Save weekly pictures of your unique pregnancy journey on the app’s photo album

Week 22

Week 49

Week 60

Data Sharing

Keep Your Provider Informed

You can share your health information with your provider so your care team stays informed about your progress.

HIPAA Secure

Your health information is safe on HIPAA-compliant secure servers.

Data Sharing

Text Your Provider

Send secure text messages to your healthcare providers in the app using The Journey messaging.

Text Your Provider

Set up your appointments

Save your appointments in The Journey to ensure you're staying on track with your provider visits.

Designed with
you in mind.

The Journey was created by women's health experts. This technology provides a safe pregnancy in the palm of your hand.

About Us

The Journey Pregnancy is a product by Emagine Solutions Technology, a tech company that specializes in women's health.

Emagine Solutions Technology is a female-led women's health company on a mission to tackle the maternal health crisis with innovation to improve the pregnancy journey for patients and providers.

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Courtney Williams

Courtney Williams, Co-founder and CEO of Emagine Solutions Technology


Once you get a positive pregnancy test, download the app and start tracking your symptoms and vitals. While you can start using the app anytime during your pregnancy, we recommend using The Journey from positive pregnancy test all the way through your postpartum recovery.

We recommend you use The Journey daily so you can provide a complete picture of your pregnancy health to your provider.

Ask your healthcare providers if they use The Journey Clinic Software. If they do, you can link your Journey with your care team so they can monitor your progress between appointments. If your provider does not yet have The Journey Clinic Software you can export your data as a PDF at anytime.

Absolutely. Your health information is safe because we only use HIPAA-compliant secure servers and protocols.

Absolutely. It's easy and only takes a moment to export your data to a PDF file on your mobile device.

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